The stare down

The stare down

Poker Twitter was fairly entertaining this week as Alex Foxen and Stephen Chidwick had been seemingly obtaining a ‘stare out content’ as a side game in the US Poker Open. Each guys are really intimidating figures in the globe of reside poker and it seems they stared every other into a stalemate this week:

It really is not the very first time they located themselves in this particular battle, they did it final year at the PokerGO studios too:

Lots of individuals had opinions on this, so verify out the replies and quote tweets. For the most part players seemed to think that searching for ‘tells’ and trying to intimidate every single other by staring them down was&nbspan antiquated component of the game. Specifically at the highest levels, the likelihood of players of Chidwick and Foxen’s calibre giving considerably away seem very unlikely.&nbsp

Foxen, who for other reasons has not been especially shy on social media the final two years, in fact took some time to respond to the debate:

An exaggerated element of the game

Normally speaking I have constantly felt reside tells were an exaggerated part of the game and couple of individuals are actually adept at spotting them. I agree with Dara O’Kearney’s views on this that they are subjective and rife with confirmation bias. For the most component if I see a player stare down one more to attempt and get info or bully them, I assume they are really a poor player.&nbsp

At the elite levels exactly where Foxen and Chidwick reside I don’t think that at all, I suspect they both have their reasons for staring every single other down that are much more than plausible. Higher stakes players rely on extremely small edges when they play against every single other, it would not surprise me if a quite modest inform tends to make a huge distinction.&nbsp

It surprises me some individuals discover the stare downs objectional, although if you are currently somewhat shy in live poker settings I can see why they may add to your anxiousness about the bricks and mortar game. As a viewer I really find this to be comparatively harmless exciting to watch.

Plus any individual who thinks staring down looks cool need to appear at how very easily it is satirised, as our great pal David Lappin did this week:&nbsp

Do stare downs operate? Let us know in the comments: