Patrik Antonius launches new shot clock for reside tournaments

Patrik Antonius launches new shot clock for reside tournaments

The game has come a lengthy way in the respect that not too lengthy ago shot clocks seemed like a fad but now they are mainstream. Are they swift sufficient, nevertheless? With most of them getting just a flat 30 seconds per decision.&nbsp

Patrik Antonius has created a new shot clock that is being showcased this weekend at the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge in Tallinn this weekend.&nbsp

The new clock is ten seconds preflop, 20 seconds if there is a preflop three-bet and 20 seconds on the flop, turn and river. They also have 15 timebanks every single of 20 seconds, which is considerably far more than the usual 5 you get in most MTTs.&nbsp

The principal goal of the clock is to stop stalling and establish a quickly playing rhythm. 10 seconds may well not look considerably but there is a sound logic to it, at this point in the game most people know their preflop opening and flatting/three-betting ranges automatically. As Patrik suggests it is the post flop and three-bet decisions that take the most time, which is why the additional timebanks are in use.&nbsp

The early response appears to be very positive and if you want to see the shot clock in action,&nbspthe PAPC is getting live streamed this weekend.

Is this the proper amount of time for reside poker? Let us know in the comments: