Vlogger Profile: PokerfaceAsh

Vlogger Profile: PokerfaceAsh

Editor’s note: Under, you’ll discover an write-up written by our blogger Paul Gearan, based on an interview he did with PokerfaceAsh, a common YouTube vlogger and APT partner (I’m her largest fan). In her most current video, she flops a set of Jacks on her really first hand! After watching that video, if you wouldn’t thoughts clicking the “Like” button on YouTube, that will assist out her channel tremendously. Thanks! – Steve

Poker vlogs, in which you can follow a player’s reside session, have turn into increasingly well-known. Portion education and component entertainment, many of the best vloggers have gathered legions of followers. There are also several up-and-coming vloggers who are speedily gaining wide attention. The AdvancedPokerTraining.com team has been following a number of new vloggers. We had been fortunate adequate to speak with one of our favorites, PokerfaceAsh, about her experiences and journey into poker and vlogging.

Path to Poker

PokerfaceAsh was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. Growing up she was steeped in creativity and competition. Her dad owned a music retailer and she played piano in bands. She played point guard on her higher college and college basketball teams. She thinks this background of creativity and competitors inspired her eventual really like of poker.

Her first exposure to poker came harmlessly enough in college, playing in non-monetary game nights with her basketball team. Then somebody told Ash about on the internet poker (this was nicely prior to Black Friday). PokerfaceAsh recounts her initial session “didn’t go properly. I lost $50 in a few minutes. Deposited yet another $50, lost that. And went for an additional $50 to attempt to win the $100 back. And, so I was out $150 by the finish of the session, which back then was a lot of income.”

Beginning Her Poker Life

Soon after college, PokerfaceAsh perfected her reside game at Talking Stick. She recalled that even soon after playing on-line, there was an initial finding out curve for reside poker. “I had to be reminded to post blinds. When I was a large blind somebody provided to chop and I had no thought what he meant.” But she learned quickly and enjoyed the social aspects of live play, as nicely as the competitors.

Like a lot of young poker players, Ash produced a pilgrimage to Las Vegas about 5 hours away. She sat down at the Bellagio with $300 at a $1/$two table and started grinding away. She noticed Bobby’s Room where a higher-stakes game was taking place and saw such notables as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, and Greg Mueller playing.

As luck would have it, Mueller emerged from the room, and struck up a conversation with her. Seeing she was a relative novice, he offered to allow her to sweat him at the $1/$2 table. Mueller explained to her his considering in a number of essential hands. This became PokerfaceAsh’s 1st Master Class in poker. The friendship that began that day with Mueller has endured for eight years now.

Evolving as a Player

PokerfaceAsh traveled the path from a recreational player to pro over the past eight years. Alternating between cash and tournaments, she also spent time operating as a poker dealer.

But she says, “I only genuinely turned a corner a couple of years ago”. She credits a renewed focus on poker education as she began to immerse herself in study: reading every single poker book she could, taking online coaching courses, and discussing the game with experienced pros. She also hired a 1-on-1 coach who she nevertheless makes use of nowadays.

PokerfaceAsh’s Vlogging Life

PokerfaceAsh initial discovered the world of poker vlogging by watching Andrew Neeme. “It felt like I was playing with him. I binge-watched every single episode.” She later became close friends with Neeme and other vloggers like Jaman Burton. When she showed some interest, they encouraged her to give vlogging a try.

When COVID quarantining ended in 2021, Ash began a vlog. Though she located it “nerve-wracking” at initial, she was determined to stick with it. Vlogging filled numerous demands for her: getting inventive, sharing content material, and feeling like she is giving something to other folks. Her property vlogging base is Gila River Casino – Lone Butte in Arizona. But she has begun to travel much more extensively to film at other cardrooms as effectively.

Ash’s audience is mostly recreational players who just adore playing and pondering about the game. She has been impressed by all the help she has gotten as a vlogger. However, as with all social media experiences, she has had to find out to block out the occasional essential comment. “I had to comprehend that what I do is not going to be for everyone,” she reflected.

Ash has located the supportive neighborhood of poker vloggers to be specifically uplifting. She not too long ago had a likelihood to meet and play with Brad Owen, poker’s most-watched vlogger. She located him to be friendly and supportive. Rather than getting competitive, Ash believes poker vloggers comprehend that their content material is elevating every person and expanding interest in poker vlogging for all creators.

The Future of PokerfaceAsh

PokerfaceAsh embraces the multitude of opportunities ahead for her. As a poker player, she just desires to continue to train, absorb coaching, and get far better. Like many critical players, she dreams of moving up in stakes and winning a WSOP ring or bracelet. She also looks forward to traveling to intriguing places in the Caribbean and Europe to play.

In terms of poker interests beyond playing, she views her future as a “content creator”. She would like to continue to become a greater teacher on her vlog, discussing ideas and techniques in even higher depth. Expanding her channel is a priority of hers, of course. But so is obtaining other approaches to share her experiences and insights with the poker community. She has also began a second channel to be in a position to share her other interests such as meals, drink, music, and wellness and fitness.

PokerfaceAsh also takes seriously her function as 1 of the few female voices in the poker vlogging globe. Ash reflects that she has been treated effectively by the vast majority of male players by way of the years. Nevertheless, there have been some unsettling incidents that went unchecked by dealers, floors, and other players. She believes “we can hold each other to a better standard” in terms of how players treat every single other regardless of gender, age, race, or other qualities that make us a diverse neighborhood.

Following PokerfaceAsh

We encourage you to follow PokerfaceAsh on what she describes as her poker “journey”. You’ll get pleasure from this recent video in which she plays a $two/$three money game and her opponent keeps overbetting the pot. When you subscribe to her channel, you’ll be in a position to see some excellent poker action and insightful evaluation. You will also uncover somebody who is proving to be a fantastic ambassador for the game.

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