Vietnam Casino Stiffs Gambler Of $1.1 Million, Lawsuit Alleges

Vietnam Casino Stiffs Gambler Of $1.1 Million, Lawsuit Alleges

According to reports, an Italian lady visiting Vietnam was playing at the Corona Resort &amp Casino Phu Quoc final year and went on an amazing run.

She was playing an unnamed card game and ran up winnings equivalent to $2.four million. According to the lawsuit, the lady was paid $1.3 million of the total, which came in three installments. The rest was never paid, the lawsuit alleges.

The suit comes at a reported challenging time for casinos in the country, which have been struggling with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lawsuit against the house was filed in October, but just lately became public. On Jan. 10, a neighborhood court agreed to move forward with the litigation.

The report didn’t state any motives why the casino withheld her funds.

The case is reminiscent of Phil Ivey’s long-standing legal battle over winnings at a New Jersey casino. In that case, Ivey admitted to so-named “edge sorting” to obtain far better odds in baccarat. The casino and Ivey ultimately settled.