The players had been so undesirable, I couldn’t beat them!

The players had been so negative, I couldn’t beat them!

A couple of months ago, I did a blog post about the similarities in between tennis and poker when it comes to the want for mental toughness.&nbsp These days I want to speak about beating “bad” poker players.

The more I play tennis, the far more I recognize that tennis and poker are one and the very same.&nbsp It is just that in tennis your weapon is a racket, whereas in poker your weapons are your chips.&nbsp

I play tennis with a guy named “George” (name changed to protect the innocent).&nbsp George is the most hated tennis player in my hometown.&nbsp Possibly the most hated tennis player in Florida.&nbsp

Want to know why?&nbsp He seems to be a TERRIBLE tennis player, and but he constantly wins!&nbsp He does not just slightly win either, he beats you easily, the entire time speaking trash and embarrassing you in front of any onlookers.&nbsp

George does not even appear like a tennis player!&nbsp He’s overweight, he wears old sneakers with holes in them, and has a $five racket he almost certainly got at a garage sale.&nbsp

Sound like anyone you’ve ever played poker against?&nbsp

One common complaint we hear all the time in the poker world is, “The players had been so negative, I couldn’t beat them.”&nbsp Which begs the query, if you can’t beat them, who is truly the far better player?&nbsp

Widespread complaints I hear about “bad” poker players are:

“You can’t beat them, they never ever fold!”

“He’s such a nit, he usually folds, you can’t ever get any money out of him!”

“That guy is so over-aggressive.&nbsp He just raises each and every time! &nbspYou can’t beat him since you can’t ever tell what he has.&nbsp But that is not real poker.”

Think me, I’ve heard all the equivalent complaints about George.&nbsp In case you’re curious, here’s his secret to winning:&nbsp he just returns every ball.&nbsp He by no means goes for winning shots.&nbsp He does not hit the ball challenging.&nbsp George just chases down every ball you hit, and returns it back more than the net.&nbsp Every single. Single. Time.&nbsp Till you make an error, or (worse) throw your racket and quit.&nbsp

Most people refuse to play tennis against George since “He’s a terrible player!&nbsp Confident, I can’t beat him, but that’s not real tennis!”

What I would say to all the George-haters out there, and every person who complains about not becoming capable to beat “bad” poker players, is this:&nbsp if they are consistently beating you, are you confident they’re that poor?&nbsp

Those of us that play the games of poker and tennis have a bias towards the accepted style of play that designates a “good” player.&nbsp When somebody deviates from that style, our instinct is to belittle them.&nbsp

There are two important take-aways here. &nbsp

TAKEAWAY #1:&nbsp If a person can beat you consistently, then by definition they are a much better player than you!&nbsp If you want to take your poker game to the subsequent level, you want to locate a way to beat them.&nbsp&nbsp Belittling them to your friends may possibly make you really feel far better in the quick term.&nbsp But what will actually make you really feel better in the extended run is taking all their cash!&nbsp

So, quit right now.&nbsp &nbspWhatever variety of poker player gives you the most difficulty – be it calling stations, nits, or over-aggressive bullies – cease speaking trash about them.&nbsp As an alternative, do some research on-line.&nbsp Figure out a counter-approach.&nbsp Practice it on Advanced Poker Coaching.&nbsp You will not have to preach about what a poor player they are anymore.&nbsp When all their chips are in your stack, that will speak for itself.&nbsp

TAKEAWAY #two:&nbsp Don’t avoid these kinds of players, embrace playing against them if you want to enhance.&nbsp I told you that every person in my hometown hates playing tennis against George.&nbsp But not me.&nbsp I’ll play George anytime, anywhere.&nbsp And I’m not going to quit until I beat him some day.&nbsp Till then, every single time he humiliates me on the tennis court, and I endure the mental abuse from his trash speaking, it just tends to make me stronger.&nbsp And a lot more determined.&nbsp And hungrier.&nbsp

We all aspire to be poker champions.&nbsp A real champion is ready for something.&nbsp So, welcome the chance to play against the “George” in your life when he sits down at the poker table.&nbsp No worry.&nbsp No excuses.&nbsp And trust me, when you ultimately stack him, it is going to feel Really very good!&nbsp