Play for 20 days in July for $250 at partypoker

Play for 20 days in July for $250 at partypoker

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Level Up to Diamond status and up to $250 a month at partypoker

Consideration all PokerStrategists looking for a cash and status boost! Give your account the very best possible push this summer by securing your self a Gold, PlatinumPlatinum or DiamondDiamond status upgrade and up to $250 a month at partypoker, resulting in up to 20% further rakeback during the promo.

To get your self the upgrade and a component of the money reward, all you require to do is play for at least 20 days at partypoker for the duration of every of the subsequent two months (July and August). After you have completed the everyday StrategyPoints targets, your Level Up as effectively as the money reward will be waiting for you.

What’s far more, in contrast to previous Level Up editions, we’ve now also integrated a total StrategyPoints target for each and every month that will net you even a lot more money rewards than ahead of, up to a maximum of $250 per month all the way till the end of August.

Critical: Cash rewards earned in this promotion will be credited to your Inform-a-Pal account at Please be aware that you can not take portion in this promo if you’re holding the status Diamond or Diamond Elite at partypoker.

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StrategyPoints &amp Monthly Rewards

The table beneath shows you all the relevant day-to-day SP targets, month-to-month totals and reward measures waiting to be completed.

Please note that all the different reward methods are cumulative, which means they will be adding up as you progress through the various levels and tasks.

Instance: If you gather at least 35 StrategyPoints at partypoker on 20 different days in July and a total of 1,000 StrategyPoints overall, you are going to not only acquire each rewards for the Platinum level but also each rewards from the Gold level, ending up with a total month-to-month cash reward of $50.

And if you’re hunting to get the most out of the promotion, you can aim for the grand total of ten,000 StrategyPoints a month with at least 150 StrategyPoints on 20 different days. This final results in a monthly money reward of $250 and a total of $500 if you happen to be capable to reach the maximum level in both remaining months.

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We hope you’ll appreciate this initial of many exclusive promotions we’re going to bring you following partypoker’s return as a partner. If you have any concerns with regards to the Level Up promo at partypoker, leave us a news comment or post in our forum. We’re pleased to support in any way to ensure you get the most out of this. Great luck!

Forum: Up to $250 a month with Level Up at partypoker

We suggest that customers do not aim to get just the essential StrategyPoint objectives (e.g. only five SP per day) as, due to currency adjustments and other variables, a perceived five SP might be registered as e.g. 4.7 SP. Furthermore, please note partypoker’s server occasions are not necessarily equal to the StrategyPoint reporting times and no exceptions can be made for players who miss their day-to-day targets, even by a fraction.

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