Vlogger Profile: PokerfaceAsh

Vlogger Profile: PokerfaceAsh

Editor’s note: Under, you’ll discover an write-up written by our blogger Paul Gearan, based on an interview he did with PokerfaceAsh, a common YouTube vlogger and APT partner (I’m her largest fan). In her most current video, she flops a set of Jacks on her really first hand! After watching that video, if you wouldn’t thoughts clicking the “Like” button on YouTube, that will assist out her channel tremendously. Thanks! – Steve

Poker vlogs, in which you can follow a player’s reside session, have turn into increasingly well-known. Portion education and component entertainment, many of the best vloggers have gathered legions of followers. There are also several up-and-coming vloggers who are speedily gaining wide attention. The AdvancedPokerTraining.com team has been following a number of new vloggers. We had been fortunate adequate to speak with one of our favorites, PokerfaceAsh, about her experiences and journey into poker and vlogging.

Path to Poker

PokerfaceAsh was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. Growing up she was steeped in creativity and competition. Her dad owned a music retailer and she played piano in bands. She played point guard on her higher college and college basketball teams. She thinks this background of creativity and competitors inspired her eventual really like of poker.

Her first exposure to poker came harmlessly enough in college, playing in non-monetary game nights with her basketball team. Then somebody told Ash about on the internet poker (this was nicely prior to Black Friday). PokerfaceAsh recounts her initial session “didn’t go properly. I lost $50 in a few minutes. Deposited yet another $50, lost that. And went for an additional $50 to attempt to win the $100 back. And, so I was out $150 by the finish of the session, which back then was a lot of income.”

Beginning Her Poker Life

Soon after college, PokerfaceAsh perfected her reside game at Talking Stick. She recalled that even soon after playing on-line, there was an initial finding out curve for reside poker. “I had to be reminded to post blinds. When I was a large blind somebody provided to chop and I had no thought what he meant.” But she learned quickly and enjoyed the social aspects of live play, as nicely as the competitors.

Like a lot of young poker players, Ash produced a pilgrimage to Las Vegas about 5 hours away. She sat down at the Bellagio with $300 at a $1/$two table and started grinding away. She noticed Bobby’s Room where a higher-stakes game was taking place and saw such notables as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, and Greg Mueller playing.

As luck would have it, Mueller emerged from the room, and struck up a conversation with her. Seeing she was a relative novice, he offered to allow her to sweat him at the $1/$2 table. Mueller explained to her his considering in a number of essential hands. This became PokerfaceAsh’s 1st Master Class in poker. The friendship that began that day with Mueller has endured for eight years now.

Evolving as a Player

PokerfaceAsh traveled the path from a recreational player to pro over the past eight years. Alternating between cash and tournaments, she also spent time operating as a poker dealer.

But she says, “I only genuinely turned a corner a couple of years ago”. She credits a renewed focus on poker education as she began to immerse herself in study: reading every single poker book she could, taking online coaching courses, and discussing the game with experienced pros. She also hired a 1-on-1 coach who she nevertheless makes use of nowadays.

PokerfaceAsh’s Vlogging Life

PokerfaceAsh initial discovered the world of poker vlogging by watching Andrew Neeme. “It felt like I was playing with him. I binge-watched every single episode.” She later became close friends with Neeme and other vloggers like Jaman Burton. When she showed some interest, they encouraged her to give vlogging a try.

When COVID quarantining ended in 2021, Ash began a vlog. Though she located it “nerve-wracking” at initial, she was determined to stick with it. Vlogging filled numerous demands for her: getting inventive, sharing content material, and feeling like she is giving something to other folks. Her property vlogging base is Gila River Casino – Lone Butte in Arizona. But she has begun to travel much more extensively to film at other cardrooms as effectively.

Ash’s audience is mostly recreational players who just adore playing and pondering about the game. She has been impressed by all the help she has gotten as a vlogger. However, as with all social media experiences, she has had to find out to block out the occasional essential comment. “I had to comprehend that what I do is not going to be for everyone,” she reflected.

Ash has located the supportive neighborhood of poker vloggers to be specifically uplifting. She not too long ago had a likelihood to meet and play with Brad Owen, poker’s most-watched vlogger. She located him to be friendly and supportive. Rather than getting competitive, Ash believes poker vloggers comprehend that their content material is elevating every person and expanding interest in poker vlogging for all creators.

The Future of PokerfaceAsh

PokerfaceAsh embraces the multitude of opportunities ahead for her. As a poker player, she just desires to continue to train, absorb coaching, and get far better. Like many critical players, she dreams of moving up in stakes and winning a WSOP ring or bracelet. She also looks forward to traveling to intriguing places in the Caribbean and Europe to play.

In terms of poker interests beyond playing, she views her future as a “content creator”. She would like to continue to become a greater teacher on her vlog, discussing ideas and techniques in even higher depth. Expanding her channel is a priority of hers, of course. But so is obtaining other approaches to share her experiences and insights with the poker community. She has also began a second channel to be in a position to share her other interests such as meals, drink, music, and wellness and fitness.

PokerfaceAsh also takes seriously her function as 1 of the few female voices in the poker vlogging globe. Ash reflects that she has been treated effectively by the vast majority of male players by way of the years. Nevertheless, there have been some unsettling incidents that went unchecked by dealers, floors, and other players. She believes “we can hold each other to a better standard” in terms of how players treat every single other regardless of gender, age, race, or other qualities that make us a diverse neighborhood.

Following PokerfaceAsh

We encourage you to follow PokerfaceAsh on what she describes as her poker “journey”. You’ll get pleasure from this recent video in which she plays a $two/$three money game and her opponent keeps overbetting the pot. When you subscribe to her channel, you’ll be in a position to see some excellent poker action and insightful evaluation. You will also uncover somebody who is proving to be a fantastic ambassador for the game.

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WSOP launches new social media influencer initiative #RoadToTheTable

WSOP launches new social media influencer initiative #RoadToTheTable

The Globe Series of Poker (WSOP) and Playtika have teamed up to launch a new initiative featuring 14 influencers on social media as they compete to grow to be a WSOP legend. Identified as #RoadToTheTable, the campaign starts this week in the US with a number of phases to come. The influencers are separated into 5 teams, and each and every will be partnered with a WSOP mentor to find out more about the game of poker.

Who Will Become a WSOP Legend?

The new occasion will kick off this week with the WSOP revealing the identities of the influencers involved in the project. The organization will go reside on Instagram to show who will be competing for poker glory. Viewers will be able to watch as the influencers open secret boxes to show who their competitors are. Players can react to the competition and rate their poker skills too.

So, who are the influencers? Will they have any poker abilities or need to perform hard with their mentor to be capable to make it far in the competitors. The WSOP will only give out a handful of information but we know that the influencers come with a wide variety of talents.

There are folks connected to filmmaking, comedy, sports, fitness, as effectively as automotive. The selected folks will function with the ideal WSOP players, earning coaching to grow to be greater at the game. The mentors program to offer insight to the competitors so they can learn tactics and tricks to aid with gameplay.

Competing By way of December

The competitors of #RoadToTheTable will continue by means of December, as the teams meet up in undisclosed locations across the United States to battle at the felt. Every single competitors will be announced on the internet and fans can see exactly where the teams are headed next.

The WSOP desires to preserve fans engaged in the action, so they will be sharing reside videos of the events. Possibilities for fans to interact with WSOP legends and influencers will also be an alternative for fans. The free of charge-to-play WSOP game is currently enjoyed by millions of individuals around the world, with options for ring games, tournaments, and special events.

The new initiative will only bring much more players to the WSOP to appreciate all the enjoyable poker action. Guy Ceder, the Common Manager of WSOP, commented on the new campaign by stating:

“We are thrilled to be launching this distinctive 8-month long campaign with 14 well-known influencers from a wide variety of backgrounds. We genuinely want to bring the really like for poker and WSOP®&nbspto a wider audience and show folks just how significantly exciting playing poker can be. We hope that our loyal WSOP®&nbspplayers are excited for this new adventure and that they will pick up a few new poker abilities and tricks from our soon-to-be poker legends.”

Flutter Entertainment debuts its PokerStars Exchange sportsbetting platform

Flutter Entertainment debuts its PokerStars Exchange sportsbetting platform

British and Irish iGaming behemoth Flutter Entertainment has announced that its PokerStars-branded online poker enterprise has expanded into the international sportsbetting vertical by means of the premiere of its PokerStars Exchange service.

The London-listed firm employed an official Thursday press release to proclaim that the new peer-to-peer platform has been designed to bring ‘even a lot more to its community’ and unite the ‘global community’ via the provision of ‘more sportsbetting variety, action and value’. Flutter Entertainment also declared that the fresh innovation, which is obtainable to get pleasure from at its PokerStars.com and PokerStars.eu domains, exploits its own technologies to give sports wagering aficionados ‘access to the same international liquidity pool’ already supplied by its Betfair on the internet sportsbook brand.

Enhanced interest:

Previously known as Paddy Power Betfair until undergoing a name-change in early-2020, Flutter Entertainment disclosed that the new PokerStars Exchange advance enables punters to purchase and sell bets on a plethora of international sporting events and markets. The operator additionally pronounced that this model typically final results in clients receiving ‘much better odds than a classic sportsbook’ as their wagers ‘are placed directly against other consumers.’

Full manage:

Flutter Entertainment disclosed that the PokerStars Exchange platform shares liquidity with its common Betfair service and furthermore comes comprehensive with back and lay betting options to offer you buyers the possibility to wager on events that may possibly or may possibly not occur. It stated that all of this is complimented by an revolutionary ‘be the bookmaker’ chance where punters can enter their personal odds in hopes of possessing these accepted by a fellow on-line aficionado.

Straightforward entry:

Richard Garrod serves as the PokerStars Solution Director for Flutter Entertainment and he utilised the press release to note that punters can presently access the new PokerStars Exchange service making use of their current account login and wallet. The skilled skilled furthermore asserted that the advance has been premiered ‘following months of difficult operate and execution’ and the conclusion of analysis that found a large contingent of PokerStars.com and PokerStars.eu users alongside up to 70% of the wider sportsbetting neighborhood ‘would welcome the addition of an exchange solution.’

Study a statement from Garrod…

We’re usually looking at ways to bring PokerStars players something new and to be in a position to do that in collaboration with our colleagues over at the world’s largest betting exchange is a large privilege. The PokerStars Exchange provides our players access to a brand-new sportsbetting expertise alongside a global neighborhood of sports fans with all the comfort of a single account and wallet.”

Greatest Poker Application for 2022

Best Poker Computer software for 2022

With each poker and technology continually evolving, poker software program offerings are also continually changing. Ten years ago, there have been couple of software choices for the critical poker player. These days,&nbsp poker software packages do everything from assisting with hand choice and evaluation, to education with sophisticated bot simulations, to watching pros play their game. Under we share the very best poker application out there today.

PokerTracker four&nbsp

Most on the web poker pros have PokerTracker four, and, if you play on the web, you ought to also. PokerTracker four is a prime software tool that tracks hands of on the internet poker platforms and lets you appear at your win rates with different hands. With the the “Heads Up Display” (HUD) plug-in you can get details on your opponents&nbspwhile you play against them.&nbspPokerTracker also delivers a complete set of reports, graphs, charts, and filters.

Sophisticated Poker Coaching

We would be remiss if we didn’t incorporate AdvancedPokerTraining itself in this list of very best poker application. APT is fully diverse from other poker education internet sites. It provides an on the internet poker training software program plan that enables users to play up to 500 hands an hour against intelligent computerized opponents. It characteristics in-depth coaching reports and weekly poker coaching plans that show you exactly exactly where you need to be targeting your efforts. “Beat the Pro” challenges set you up against poker pros such as Jonathan Tiny, Scott Clements, Ed Miller, and many far more. The Combat Trainer delivers in-depth education on particular problems spots, allowing you to attack leaks repeatedly until you have mastered them. The Madness Cup allows you to compete every month against other members in a bracket style arrangement. At each and every level you play the very same hands as your opponent to see who has the best overall performance to move forward and in the end try to bring house the Madness Cup. APT also has a quickly expanding suite of educational tools and sources. Another enormous advantage of Advanced Poker Coaching is that no download is needed and it performs on all platforms such as Macs and iPads.


Flopzilla is a well-liked poker calculator that helps you figure out how a particular hand range hits a offered board. You enter a provided pre-flop variety and a board and Flopzilla will inform you how frequently the range hits provided hands (leading pair, flush draw, etc.). This program is hugely valued by players at all levels, and will help you internalize the math behind hand choices far better than nearly any other tool out there.

These are the best poker software program applications for 2022 Click To Tweet

Poker Income – Bankroll Tracker

Poker Revenue is the highest-rated poker tracking app of all-time. While it has a quite easy interface and is straightforward to use, Poker Earnings offers all of the stats and graphs you want to keep track of exactly where your poker dollars are becoming spent. You can also apply filters to analyze your poker outcomes across a wide range of variables. Any individual seriously interested in tracking their poker bankroll would do nicely to download this application and use it regularly.


SnapShove is generally an automated shove fold chart. The plan helps you determine&nbspshoving and calling ranges. You can set the number of blinds remaining in your stack, your position, the number of players at the table, and the size of antes. SnapShove’s calculations are primarily based on GTO, and the application is offered each online and as an iPhone/Android app.

Poker Timer

Poker Timer by Birdsoft is a simple piece of application with a very fundamental function. This app permits you to set up the blind levels and alarms for your own poker house game. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the app is free. We use this app for our personal kitchen table games and can vouch for both its simplicity and functionality.


Twitch was initially made for video gamers. Right now, the streaming video website is quickly emerging as a spot to watch your favorite players share their poker experiences. Players such as Pokerface Ash, Jason Somerville and Jamie Staples share their experiences playing on the internet poker and reside games. Players on Twitch also offer poker tutorials and coaching videos.

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Patrik Antonius launches new shot clock for reside tournaments

Patrik Antonius launches new shot clock for reside tournaments

The game has come a lengthy way in the respect that not too lengthy ago shot clocks seemed like a fad but now they are mainstream. Are they swift sufficient, nevertheless? With most of them getting just a flat 30 seconds per decision.&nbsp

Patrik Antonius has created a new shot clock that is being showcased this weekend at the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge in Tallinn this weekend.&nbsp

The new clock is ten seconds preflop, 20 seconds if there is a preflop three-bet and 20 seconds on the flop, turn and river. They also have 15 timebanks every single of 20 seconds, which is considerably far more than the usual 5 you get in most MTTs.&nbsp

The principal goal of the clock is to stop stalling and establish a quickly playing rhythm. 10 seconds may well not look considerably but there is a sound logic to it, at this point in the game most people know their preflop opening and flatting/three-betting ranges automatically. As Patrik suggests it is the post flop and three-bet decisions that take the most time, which is why the additional timebanks are in use.&nbsp

The early response appears to be very positive and if you want to see the shot clock in action,&nbspthe PAPC is getting live streamed this weekend.

Is this the proper amount of time for reside poker? Let us know in the comments:

GGPoker announces official partnership with Triton Poker

GGPoker announces official partnership with Triton Poker

This week, a new poker collaboration was announced as GGPoker is now the official companion of Triton Poker live events. The sponsorship will begin subsequent month with the Triton Poker Cyprus occasion, a specific edition tournament running from April 2-7.

Particulars of the Partnership

Triton Poker is generating its return to the poker globe with the particular edition event this April, with the Merit Crystal Cove Resort &amp Casino set to play host in North Cyprus. The series will feature several gaming options across six days like no-limit hold’em, brief deck ante, and more.

With GGPoker now on board as a partner, the two brands will be capable to collaborate through live events such as the Triton Poker Series. GGPoker can utilize its online platform and supply members with choices for earning seats to Triton events via exclusive on the internet satellites.

GGPoker Director of Sponsorships &amp Live Events, John Scanlon, commented on the new partnership by stating: “Since its inception, the Triton Series has striven to bring live poker to the subsequent level. It is not just about the size of the get-ins or the big-name players, but the top quality of production and level of engagement it receives from the poker neighborhood. This partnership is the ideal synergy among two brands aligned with a frequent purpose to bring poker to the masses by way of premium item offerings.”

Triton Poker Series CEO Andy Wong also commented, stating the poker brand is thrilled to be functioning with its new premier partner. Wong pointed out that GGPoker brings encounter as effectively as its reputation for building high quality characteristics and games.

GGPoker Heads to Canada with WSOP

Along with its new partnership in Cyprus with Triton, GGPoker is also setting up shop in Canada. The brand announced just a handful of days ago that it is functioning with the Globe Series of Poker (WSOP) to bring a branded WSOP web site to Ontario, Canada. The website just demands to be authorized by iGaming Ontario to launch.

It is expected that the new WSOP.ca internet site will be reside by April. The new platform will use software program supplied by GGPoker and supply players with an chance to compete in WSOP events. Online events will be presented along with satellites for main land-primarily based events.

Ontario members of the WSOP website can also take advantage of the Caesars Rewards plan with premium perks such as hotel stays and gaming. Any on the web gameplay earns points which can then be redeemed for items inside the venues operated by Caesars Entertainment.

The stare down

The stare down

Poker Twitter was fairly entertaining this week as Alex Foxen and Stephen Chidwick had been seemingly obtaining a ‘stare out content’ as a side game in the US Poker Open. Each guys are really intimidating figures in the globe of reside poker and it seems they stared every other into a stalemate this week:

It really is not the very first time they located themselves in this particular battle, they did it final year at the PokerGO studios too:

Lots of individuals had opinions on this, so verify out the replies and quote tweets. For the most part players seemed to think that searching for ‘tells’ and trying to intimidate every single other by staring them down was&nbspan antiquated component of the game. Specifically at the highest levels, the likelihood of players of Chidwick and Foxen’s calibre giving considerably away seem very unlikely.&nbsp

Foxen, who for other reasons has not been especially shy on social media the final two years, in fact took some time to respond to the debate:

An exaggerated element of the game

Normally speaking I have constantly felt reside tells were an exaggerated part of the game and couple of individuals are actually adept at spotting them. I agree with Dara O’Kearney’s views on this that they are subjective and rife with confirmation bias. For the most component if I see a player stare down one more to attempt and get info or bully them, I assume they are really a poor player.&nbsp

At the elite levels exactly where Foxen and Chidwick reside I don’t think that at all, I suspect they both have their reasons for staring every single other down that are much more than plausible. Higher stakes players rely on extremely small edges when they play against every single other, it would not surprise me if a quite modest inform tends to make a huge distinction.&nbsp

It surprises me some individuals discover the stare downs objectional, although if you are currently somewhat shy in live poker settings I can see why they may add to your anxiousness about the bricks and mortar game. As a viewer I really find this to be comparatively harmless exciting to watch.

Plus any individual who thinks staring down looks cool need to appear at how very easily it is satirised, as our great pal David Lappin did this week:&nbsp

Do stare downs operate? Let us know in the comments:

Kentucky sportsbetting legalization measure clears committee

Kentucky sportsbetting legalization measure clears committee

In the southern American state of Kentucky and a proposed measure that would legalize sportsbetting has reportedly cleared an influential legislative committee regardless of considerable antagonism from opponents of expanded gambling.

According to a Wednesday report from the Connected Press news service published by neighborhood tv broadcaster WKYT-Tv, Home Bill 606 produced it by way of the Kentucky House of Representatives’ Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations Committee earlier this week and is now due to be put to a complete vote ahead of this 100-seat body. The proposition is the brainchild of neighborhood Republican legislator Adam Koenig (pictured) with its progression following numerous months of intense debate and negotiation.

Sluggish start off:

Regardless of being property to the world-well-known Kentucky Derby horseracing extravaganza, Kentucky has reportedly been slow to take advantage of the United States Supreme Court’s 2018 revocation of the Specialist and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which is a move that allowed individual states to legalize on-line and retail sportsbetting. The jurisdiction of approximately 4.5 million folks is now surrounded by 5 other states in West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia and Tennessee that have legalized some kind of sports wagering and is purportedly believed be losing out via illicitly placed bets on millions of dollars in further annual tax revenues.

Higher-profile hostility:

The measure from Koenig&nbspalso reportedly consists of rules that would be applicable to on-line poker and day-to-day fantasy sports although its progression follows the defeat of comparable efforts more than the previous handful of years. Property Bill 606 drew certain opposition from The Household Foundation with this conservative organization purportedly arguing that the legislation’s passage would cause more harm to folks in ‘The Bluegrass State’ currently struggling with gambling addictions.

Current self-confidence:

However, Koenig reportedly sounded an optimistic note as his House Bill 606 was passed out of committee in tandem with three other gambling-focused measures, which incorporated a piece of legislation that would establish the $225 million Kentucky Dilemma Gambling Help Fund to support those struggling with an addiction to gambling. This trio purportedly additionally encompassed House Bill 607 to establish a flat 1.five% parimutuel tax rate and enable for the establishment of a statewide voluntary self-exclusion plan as well as Residence Bill 608, which would outlaw any gaming not explicitly authorized beneath local law.

Koenig reportedly stated…

“I think we’re in position, hopefully, to have greater luck going forward out of this committee.”

National nurture:

The Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper reported that the United States is now residence to 33 jurisdictions that let some type of sportsbetting with Koenig declaring that Property Bill 606 seeks to bring such activities in Kentucky ‘out of the shadows’ and permit aficionados to spot wagers with ‘the benefits of their government protecting them.’

Reportedly study a statement from Koenig…

“When you go to a bookie to gather if you’ve had a great weekend and your bookie doesn’t want to pay you, exactly where do you go? What recourse do you have? The answer is none.”

Everygame Poker to host $1 satellites for upcoming Malta Poker Festival

Everygame Poker to host $1 satellites for upcoming Malta Poker Festival

The Malta Poker Festival is set to take spot this April into Could and Everygame Poker is giving players a shot at claiming a seat to the €300,000 Principal Occasion. Satellites are operating now for just $1 acquire-in, enabling players to compete for a seat, not after, but up to seven occasions a day! The on the internet gaming web site is giving away a $2,500 prize package to the Primary Occasion that involves the occasion purchase-in, luxury accommodations, meals, and invites to exclusive parties with other poker players.

Particulars of the Satellite Events

Beginning now by way of March 20, poker players can compete in $1 satellites. The events will happen day-to-day at five:15, 7:15 &amp 9:15 am as well as 12:15, two:15, 4:15, and 7:15 pm Eastern. Winners will earn a seat to Step two. The Step 2 events will run at 11:15 am and six:15 pm Eastern. Players can vie for a seat into Step 2 by means of Step 1 or buy-in directly for $11 + $1.

Every single Step 2 game will offer one seat to the March 20th final. This event will take location at 9:00 am Eastern. Players can earn a way to the Final by way of the measures or purchase-in straight for $109 + $11. The Final will provide ten,000 in starting chips and 12-minute blinds. Re-entry will be permitted through the very first 15 levels.

The winner of the event wins the $two,500 prize package to the Malta Poker Festival!

This week, players who log in to Everygame Poker can also take benefit of a special slot tournament. The web site is running a $two,000 slot tournament by means of March 13, featuring 4 Betsoft titles. Take the Bank, Take Santa’s Shop, Take Olympus, and Take the Kingdom are all highlighted.

Take pleasure in a handful of spins and earn points to be element of this special tournament even though also vying for a spot in the Final for the Malta Poker Festival Primary Event package!

Malta Poker Festival

The Malta Poker Festival will take place at the Portomaso Casino, amidst the amazing nightlife of the region. The festival attracts players from all-around like the nearby Malta area as well as Europe and other countries.

Players come to the festival to take portion in the poker events but also to take pleasure in the extra activities including the grand finale celebration. The week-lengthy occasion is a massive hit among players, specifically the Principal Event!

Everygame Poker’s sponsored player and Twitch streamer, Tim O’Keefe, commented on the upcoming event by stating:

“I’ve traveled to lots of tournaments with the Everygame group. It is wonderful getting with a group you can share your triumphs with— and occasionally it is nice to have a shoulder to cry on!”